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May 31, 2012
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Unforgettable Promise

You walked down the street, a spring in your step and a smile on your face. You couldn't help but smile on such a momentous occasion! This was one of the most important days of your life!
You were turning Six! Six!!! Your heart soared with excitement. You were finally a big girl! Soon you'd be eight! And then you'd be a really big girl! But as you thought on, you reminded yourself that you didn't wanna turn ten. Then you'd be old. You shuddered at the thought.
You glanced around you. You were heading to the park. You knew you wouldn't have very long. It was getting late and mum and pops 'd get worried if you were out too late. But still, you wanted to have a little fun at the nearby park! You so rarely got to go and it was close enough by for you to sneak out while your parents thought you were playing in the backyard. You'd done it a few other times, but never when it was this dark, though the darkness was probably due to the rain that was supposed to come.
When you finally got to the park, you climbed on top the jungle gym – the same one you always claimed as yours when you came here – and looked around you. Not much was left of this old park, but you didn't seem to mind. It still had a jungle gym, a swing set, a slide, a crying kid sitting under said sl- wait, what?? You glanced back to the slide, fully noticing the crying boy under the slide. He looked to be about your age. He had blonde hair and was wearing glasses and a red hoodie with a white stuffed bear at his side.
You jumped off 'your' jungle gym and ran over to where the boy sat. You gave him a sad look once you reached him, even though he couldn't see you since his face was buried in his folded arms.
You crouched down beside him, placing a hand gently on his arm.
In reaction, his head popped up, his violet eyes meeting your (e/c) ones. He let out a screech from shock and fell over, falling over on the ground away from you.
You instantly stood up, offering him a hand, squealing, "Are you alright?! Are you okay??"
He stared at you for a moment in complete shock, before shaking his head and taking your hand. "I-I'm fine. You just startled me...." he muttered, sadness laced thick in his voice.
You sat down, not currently caring that the wood chips on the ground were probably tearing or ruining your new dress. You watched as he sat down again, taking his glasses off and wiping the remaining tears from his eyes.
"Why were you crying?" you ask innocently.
At your question, he looks at you, fixing his glasses. Sadness covers his eyes again, memories coming back as he brings his knees up. "No reason."
You frown at him. "That's not very nice y'know...." you mutter, looking him dead in the face.
"W-what's not?" he asked, startled.
"Lying. Momma says lying's bad. You're lucky I don't tell my mom on you~." you threaten, lightheartedly.
"What would she do...?" the blonde asks, nervously.
"She'd wash your mouth out with soap!" you announce, stinking your tongue out in disgust at the memories of getting a mouthful of dish soap for lying about this and that. It really did taste awful!
The boy's violet eyes widened at this, shaking his head. "O-okay, I won't lie then! J-just don't tell on me...."
You nod. "Okay. Now tell me what's wrong." you ordered, moving closer to him and leaning forward as if he was about to tell you an amazing story.
He let's out a sighing noise, looking away from you. "It's just that no one ever remembers me. Everyone mistakes me for my step brother. I'm sick of it! Even my mom and dad! They always forget.... I get in trouble for the stuff he does all the time! I hate it!" he yelled, fresh tears streaming down his face.
You frown, thinking about all this for a moment, before smiling at him. "Okay, how about this." You move even closer to him, catching his attention and you stared right into his eyes. "What's your name?"
"Mathew Williams." he answered after a moments pause.
You smiled. "Well, Mathew, now there's one person who'll always remember you!"
Now he frowned. "No.... You'll forget me. You'll meet my brother or something and you won't even remember I exist." he muttered.
You shook your head quickly. "No I won't! I promise! I'll even pinky swear!" you yelled, holding out your pinky finger.
He stared at your for a few moments before taking your pinky in his slightly bigger one.
You stayed like that, you grinning at him and him smiling slightly at you, until you heard your mother call. She must have noticed you missing and came here looking for you.
You got up, letting to of Mathew's pinky and smiling down at him. "I gotta go now. Bye Mathew!" you whisper.
"W-wait!" He catches your arm as you turned to leave and you looked back down at him. "You didn't tell me your name...."
You smile your best smirk, turning back towards him. "It's (name) (last name)." you answer.
"Will you ever come back here?" he asked.
You think for a minute, before smiling. "I'll come back the first day of summer vacation! I gotta go now. Bye!" You say again, breaking his grip on your arm and dashing to the sidewalk where your mother stood, searching for you.  If he had said anything to you, you hadn't heard it as you rushed over to your mom.
You promised yourself you'd come back that summer, looking for little Mathew.

That summer, the first day of vacation, you walked over to the park, searching for the boy named Mathew.
But he wasn't there.
You spent at least 12 hours, waiting. Doing whatever you could to keep yourself busy while you waited. You only went back home when it started to get dark, and even then, you walked slowly, pulling yourself along, heartbroken that your new friend didn't show up.
You checked every day for the next two weeks of that summer for him, but he still never showed up.
You never saw him again.


More then eleven years had passed since then.
Now you were seventeen and a Junior in high school. You gave up dressing in dresses and tights, and now were rarely seen out of your favorite pair of jeans, unless you were in sweats or maybe shorts. Your favorite shirt wasn't a blouse or something like that, but instead it was a t-shirt, which was usually covered with a jacket of some sort. You couldn't even remember the last time you wore a dress, but then again, what girl nowadays wears dress?
You ran down the hall way, trying to get to your last class before the bell rang.
Of course you didn't make it! Did you seriously think you would? And your stuck up, witch of a teacher just had to stick you with detention! Heaven forbid she excuse you this one time for being late!
Thirty minutes later, you're groaning as you walk down to the basement where the after school detention is held. It was a room you frequented in your misadventures in this high school. The detention teacher knew practically everything about you and could almost always predict the reason you were in detention that day.
As you entered the gloomy, nearly empty room, the detention teacher took one look at you and guessed, "Home room, end of the day and you were late for class."
You groaned again, and he took it as a sign he was correct. He seemed to take pride in being able to guess every reason for detention you got. By now you were sure he was cheating or something! He probably called the teachers ahead of time to find out who gave you detention and why. He just liked messing with you like that. He'd guessed why you were there correctly so often that it'd come to the point you didn't even call him by his real name anymore. You called him "Mr. Holmes".
Out of all the teachers in the whole school, he was probably your favorite, even though he was always the one you wanted to see the least. He never seemed to be disappointed in you, no matter why you were in detention. He was the easiest to talk to. Despite all these cool traits about him, he was still a ruthless detention teacher, which was one of the reasons you disliked seeing him.
You took a seat next to your best friend, Arthur Kirkland. He glanced at you, grinning. "Just late for class?"
You grinned back. "Yeah, yeah, for once I didn't do anything that bad. Why're you here?" you asked.
He frowned, looking agitated, but you noticed a blush on his face as he remembered. "I threw my plate of food at some American at lunch today. Got detention for it." he grumbled.
"American?" you repeated, not remembering anyone he could be referring to. Out of all the people in your school, the only people whom you and him really hung out with was a Hungarian woman named Elizaveta, a German – er, Prussian, as he claimed – boy named Gilbert and a Japanese guy named Kiku. Even Arthur's enemy, Francis, was French. You couldn't think of any Americans of the top of your head he could have been talking about.
"I don't know his name yet. He started today. I had the horrid luck of having almost all my classes in common with him." he grumbled.
"Ah, well, I feel sorry for you." you chuckled, not really serious. It didn't look like Artie was that unhappy about this newcomer, so you just shrugged it off. If he really had an issue with him, the American would have ended up with a lot more than whatever gunk they had served at lunch today thrown at his face.
After the detention teacher started barking at you and Arthur for you two to stop chatting, you settled in your seat for detention. You glanced out the window next to you and – wouldn't you know it? – the first thing you saw was your very own enemy walking across the school lawn. It was Juan, a large Cuban man. You couldn't quite explain why you didn't like him. Something about him just rubbed you the wrong way. He was always so cocky. He always acted first and thought later. A total jock. It was annoying.
You and him had gotten into a few spats here and there. You had your fair share of insults from him, and he's been dissed by you a few good times. You've even been in a fist fight or two with him. You couldn't say you won, but at the same time you never lost either. You both ended up walking – or limping – away with about the same amount of injuries.
The dark skinned man didn't seem to be up to anything in particular. Upon closer look, you grinned, realizing that he was obviously pissed about something. You just hoped it had been something you did recently, just to get the satisfaction of knowing you had irked him so much.
After he had disappeared behind a different part of the school building, you turned your attention to the front of the room, turning your brain off for the rest of detention.
An hour or so later you hopped out of your chair, leaving the room. You waved to the detention teacher who just said "See you Monday, (name).", of which you just yelled "Don't jinx me!!" back.
You chatted with Arthur for a minute, talking about a good time to hang out. He asked you if you wanted to come over for some tea and scones, but you just shuddered and declined. You couldn't get over how dejected he looked afterwords though – he always had a sore spot when it came to his cooking~ – so you promised him you'd try and make it over for some tea in a few days. You may be able to come up with a good excuse to get out of eating those black, burnt balls of death he called 'scones' by then.
And so, you gathered up your things and left, rushing out of the school. You took a moment, breathing in a lung full of fresh air before you debated what you wanted to do. You didn't really wanna go home. Mom'd be waiting, but she knew by now that you liked to go to a few places before coming home.
You were about to start heading to a nearby convenience store, when you heard a scream coming from around the school. You slung your backpack onto your back quickly, wincing a bit as your large textbooks hit your back, and ran around the school.
And wouldn't you know it? There was Juan, his fist full of some poor boy's red hoodie, holding said boy up so he could punch him for what looked like at least the fifth time.
You glanced at the boy he was holding up. You instantly recognized him. You didn't know from where, and you didn't really recall a name to go with the face, but you remembered him.
"P-please," the blond whimpered. "I'm n-not Alfred!"
Juan just grunted, not listening and raised his fist for another blow.
You dropped your backpack, allowing it to fall into the grass as you rushed up to Juan. You had gone unnoticed by the Cuban until you were a foot away, but it was too late for him. You had the advantage! You punched him right up his jaw, causing him to cuss in pain and let go of the blonde boy. Said boy fell to the ground, grunting quietly before looking up at you. You felt his eyes on you and glanced down at him. The second your eyes locked with his violet ones you remembered.
Mathew! your mind squealed.
You didn't have enough time to talk to him, or even help him up, because as soon as you opened your mouth you found yourself on the ground, writhing in pain underneath Juan as he fumbled to pin you to the ground.
You managed to knee him in his groin, causing him to groan and lose any grip he had on you. With one swift movement, you managed to kick him off you, jumping up and kicking him once in the gut while he was down for good measure.
After you were sure Juan wasn't going to jump up again, you turned to Mathew, who was now standing and staring at you, wide-eyed.
You were about to say something, but you were cut off when you heard, "What's going on out here??"
You cursed, hearing a few teachers coming. You grabbed Mathew by the wrist and ran away from the school. You ran all the way to a nearby park. It was different from the one you visited when you were little. This one was more of a dog park. The only attractions were a pond, some snack and pop machines and a group of picnic tables.
You slowed down, still pulling him along though. You finally got a good look at Mathew. He was relatively the same height as you still and his blonde hair had grown out. He still wore similar clothes as before, and if you looked closely, you could see white fur from something in his book bag.
You pulled him over to the vending machines, panting. You pulled a couple of dollars out of your pocket and stuffed them into the machine. "Want somethin'?" you asked, finally breaking the silence between you two.
"Huh?" he squeaked. You glanced at him. He was obviously confused. You turned back to the machine, punching a few buttons and just getting him a (fav drink). You took the drinks and walked over to a nearby table, siting on the tabletop rather than the seat, resting your tired feet on the seat.
After a minute you realized that Mathew was just staring at you.
"D-do you r-"
"You're Mathew Williams, right?" you interrupted, not looking up from the drink in your hands. "The real question is, do you remember me?" you mutter, opening your drink and taking a few gulps.
"Of course I do!" he yelled. Well, it was supposed to be a yell. His voice was too soft for any type of exclamation. "Y-you're (name)...." he whispered.
You smiled. "Why did you disappear?" you asked. Sadness slowly showed on your face.
Mathew opened his mouth, then closed it, debating on what he should say. "I-it wasn't my fault.... My mom took me back to my hometown in Canada...." he mumbled, kicking some dirt.
Your eyes widened. "O-oh...." You laughed. "I thought you just got angry with how annoying I was and ditched me. I was an annoying brat back then~" you chuckled.
"I don't think so...." he said, blush creeping on his face.
You smiled, blushing too. "Yeah? Thanks...." you whisper. You couldn't help but chuckle before the next words slipped out of your lips,
"Y'know, I think I really liked you back then."
Mathew looked at you, surprise covering his face.
You just slapped you hand against your mouth and blushed. After a moment of silence you laughed nervously. "'C-cause, y'know, uh, kids...." you fumbled over your words, trying to make an excuse for your blunder.
"I liked you back then too...." You heard Mathew whisper.
You glanced up at him. Now you were shocked.
He just stood, smiling. "Maybe it was just 'cause you helped me out, but I really wanted to see you again, (name)." His smile and gaze softened and a his blush got slightly darker. "I can't believe you remembered me...."
"Well, I promised I would, didn't I?" you muttered, blushing too much to look him in the face. Why was he so cute?!? You just had to wonder.
You both sat in silence, both lost in your own thoughts and memories. You remembered back to earlier today. Wait, if Juan mistook Mathew for someone named Alfred, then Alfred's probably going to our school too now. He'd have to have a lot of nerve get Juan that angry.... I wonder.... "'Ey, Mat, w-" you were cut off when you felt something warm on your cheek. You glanced over and realized it had been Mathew, giving you a kiss. Your blush instantly returned, spreading across your face like a wildfire. "W-what- what was that for?" you asked, a bit frantically, gripping your cheek.
He blushed, looking at you worriedly. "S-sorry! I just wanted to say thanks for helping me!"
You relaxed, shaking your head. "No worries. Besides, I like beating up Juan. Gives me somethin' ta laugh about later." you chuckle, standing up. "C'mon, I'll walk ya home."
He nodded and got up. You grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek as he reached you.
His hand flew up to the cheek you had just kissed, looking at you wide eyed. "W-what was that for?" he asked.
You shrugged. "Coming back, I guess."
And with that, you took him back to his house.


Over the weekend Mathew had finally gotten the chance to learn about his long-time crush. He didn't ask much, but he did find out her favorite things to do, favorite foods and stuff like that. He got the chance to cook for her once. He made pancakes of course! He hadn't really asked, but he assumed she liked them because she ate a whole plate and even asked for seconds.
He had also introduced her to Alfred, no matter how reluctant he was to do so. He panicked when he introduced (name) to him Friday. He feared she'd forget he was even there after he introduced his loud-mouthed step brother, but she didn't. She kept up a conversation with him, including Mathew in it even when Alfred forgot he was there!
Saturday (name) had come over, bringing one of her friends along with her. Mathew remembered him from school. It was the British boy that Alfred liked bugging. Mathew had chuckled when he remembered the Englishman – Mathew was pretty sure his name was Arthur... – taking one step into the house and being glomped by Alfred. Despite how planned the encounter had seemed, Alfred and Mathew didn't know that (name) was bringing Arthur over. Everyone was rather tense Friday. Arthur was always at Alfred's throat the whole day, but the two disappeared at the end of the day. Mathew and (name) had just shrugged it off. In fact, when they had finally noticed the lack of noise, Mathew had chuckled and muttered, "I suppose Arthur finally got angry and took away to beat him up...." he wondered. He wasn't really worried though. He knew his brother could hold his own.
(Name) had laughed, shaking hear head. "I doubt Arthur'd do that."
"What makes you say that?" Mathew had asked, causing (name) to grin.
"All Arthur's insults thus far have been half-hearted. If Arthur would have punched him, he woulda done it already. Several times even. But he's not gonna 'cause he's not really that annoyed." (name) announced, confidently.
After that, the two had discussed that a bit further, thinking over the possibilities, until the two missing males found their way back, both completely silent. Mathew and (name) ended up laughing slightly, noticing that neither boy had any cuts or bruises.
Sunday, Mathew had taken (name) out to eat. Of course, Arthur and Alfred ended up tagging along. Alfred had insisted they go to McDonald's. (Name) didn't really protest, so the four friends went to a nearby McDonald's, ordering and eat quickly. The majority of the time they all spent at the restaurant was spent chatting about the food and about trivial things.
By the time Sunday had ended, Mathew had finally asked (name) if she'd go out with him. She had happily accepted, giving Mathew a quick kiss on the lips before dashing back home.
Monday, Mathew took it upon himself to go to (name's) house and walk her to school. The they both chatted while walking, laughing about this and that. It really was hard to believe that the they had only really talked to each other for about three or four days. It felt like Mathew and (name) had known each other forever.
Mathew sighed, contently, walking onto the school grounds. No one noticed the two of you walking up to the school, even though a few appeared to see (name), but didn't wave or walk over to talk to her. If anything they seemed to glare at her. She didn't seem fazed by it though, so Mathew ignored it.
They were perfectly fine, til the principle walked up to you two. Mathew was completely confused, but when he looked over to (name), he noticed she looked perfectly calm.
When the principle lifted up what appeared to be a normal back pack, (name) groaned.
"I believe this is yours, Miss. (last name)." he said, glaring at her like she was a criminal.
"Yeah, it's mine." (name) confirmed, snatching it away and flipping it onto her back.
He continued to glare at her, not even noticing Mathew standing there. "I suppose I don't need to ask where you were yesterday after school, do I?"
(Name) shrugged.
"I take it that you were the one who beat up Juan then, correct?"
"Yes, but-"
"No 'but's, (name)! Detention!"
(Name) rolled her eyes.
"B-but she was just helping me...." Mathew muttered.
The principle fixed his death glare on Mathew now, pulling out his pad of detention slips. "Oh? So you were involved in this as well, Mr. Jones?"
"I-I'm Mathew." he whimpered, shrinking under the man's glare. He jumped a little when he felt (name)'s hand gripping his, reassuringly.
"Fine then. Detention for you as well, Mr.," he paused, checking something on his clipboard, "Williams!"
The principle quickly wrote you both detention slips and left.
(Name) suddenly burst into laughter, patting Mathew on the shoulder.
"What?" Mathew asked, smiling lightly at how amused she was despite their situation.
The laughing girl just smiled up at him, grabbing his hand again and shaking her head. "Just wondering if Mr. Holmes'll guess this 'ne right~"
Obviously, Mathew had no clue what she was talking about, but smiled anyways and kept that same smile on his face while (name) rambled on and as he lead they way down the hallways.
The End~ ^^
Please forgive the ending. I know it ends extremely abruptly.... I'm sorry~

Anywho~ This is a CanadaxReader. It's my first for him. Please don't bug me about how the idea's been used before. I just had to try my own version~! >^< I promise I'll make a different one sometime that doesn't have to do with how everyone forgets about him!!
This is just somethin' I made last night, by the way. I just got the idea and wrote it down. Sorry for making Cuba a villain, but I had to have one and he just fit the bill, okaaay?

There's even yaoi in this one! Then agian, if you don't like that, then I guess when Al and Artie walked away, Art chewed Al out, but otherwise... well, USUK fangirls, you can guess what happened. :D

Comment/fav if you liked it please. :)

Picture (c) ... sorry, I just found it while in google. It doesn't belong to me, though!
Hetalia (Canada, America, England, Cuba, etc) (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Idea (c) Meee~ :iconsosvampire:
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Kai1412 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was reading another CanadaxReader and remembered this one. This gem always seem to stick out in my mind. By far, my favourite. It was a long journey trying to find this in my endless favourites folder. It was worth it, though.
SOSVampire Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, thank you! :iconblushesplz: I didn't think I had done that great of a job on it, but I'm glad you enjoyed it so much to even remember it! X) Again, thanks so much! I may just have to write some more if it was enjoyed so much~ XP
Kai1412 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're quite welcome! I dunno, there was just something about this story that compelled me to look for it months after I had read it. When I found the title in my favourites I immediately recognized it and began rereading it. I've probably read this about 12 times now.
SOSVampire Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! That's amazing! I'm glad you liked it! I don't generally get comments like yours directed towards this story. It's surprising that someone is so fond of it. It's very pleasant as well! >v<
Kai1412 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay, I like making people happy with my comments!
SOSVampire Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup!! ^^
ridergal126 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Student General Artist
lol love how tough the reader is!!
SOSVampire Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you~! That's what I was aiming for~ :)
Kitsumi101 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I wonder just what alfred and arthur were XD
SOSVampire Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's what I was intending but I didn't know how many people would enjoy the extra added USUK soooooo~ It's whatever you want it to be~ XDD
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